Friday, March 1, 2013

Whoa...that was a long break

That was a longer break than we anticipated.  As our good friend always says, "life got in the way".  It's been a good one though....friends in town for several weeks and things like that.  Oh, work for both of us got crazy and the male half's dental surgery took much longer to heal than the previous surgery.  

We've adjusted our diets to mostly Consolidation with some Paleo meals.  For the most part, we only have whole wheat products once or twice a week if at all.  With this adjustment, we've been able to keep our weight stable.   

We haven't cooked much....usually twice a week now.  We do have a few new recipes to work on and post.  Oh and sadly, my illness lasted about 3 weeks and during that time I gained a couple pounds :-(  Once the crazy work schedule goes back to normal, more cooking will happen and we'll swing back to a more Paleo/Cruise diet.  

Hoping to get those new recipes posted soon!