Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ugh...All The Way Around

We're happy to see other Dukaners still tapping into our recipe blog...and after a quick search on the internet for "Dukan Recipes" we're happy to see so many recipe blogs out there!

It's been an interesting and trying four months plagued with illnesses unfortunately.  Nothing serious, but it was one after the other.  Energy levels were low, the immune system was shot (well, it's still not that great)...which meant, hardly any cooking or very simple cooking for the past four months.

In a nutshell, here's what happened over the past year....last summer we started the Dukan Diet.  Then we started it again a couple weeks later and found success.  Both of us lost weight and were pretty healthy.  How we did it?  We followed the Dukan guidelines almost to a tee...both the eating guidelines and the exercise guidelines.  It was low fat, no carbs, no fruits, little to no refined sugars with a 45 minute cardio workout daily (well, almost daily).  The female half didn't lose all the weight she set out to lose, but she was pretty close.  4-5 months later we were pretty happy with our weights, how we felt, etc.

We made it through two vacations and the holidays gaining about 4 pounds total.  It was around April we started loosening up on what we consumed.  We weren't following the Consolidation Rules very well.  Too many cheat meals, no exercise.  We then attempted a Dukan Reboot and while we lost a few pounds, we didn't keep to the diet and still hadn't added back an exercise routine.

Once the illnesses set in, it was difficult to keep up with the diet.  A few more pounds were gained and finally in an attempt to feel stronger, we moved ourselves into Consolidation in order to consume fruits and a more well-rounded diet.

The plan is, once we're feeling very healthy, Dukan Reboot #2.  Our weight has been holding steady, exercise has been added to our daily routine again and our body fat has gone down.  Once we start Dukan Reboot #2, we hope to lose approximately 10 pounds between the two of us.

Funny...we almost forgot our log in information for this blog!  Once we finally logged in, we read through some of Vicki's posts...we feel the same.  We're happy to see how well Flamidwyfe is doing!  She looks amazing and we're hoping to follow in her footsteps once we start Dukan Reboot #2.

We do have a handful of recipes to share...hoping to type up those recipes fairly soon!


  1. Glad to see you back!! I miss your yummy recipes! I'll be back in the States in less than 4 weeks (for good!!) and able to cook up your yummy goodness!
    Stay on the wellness path. Looking forward to new recipes :)

  2. Thank you! We've missed cooking and blogging.

    Great...are you going back to Florida?