Monday, November 5, 2012

We're Still Here :-)

We are still here...haven't cooked a whole lot since the beginning of October.  October ended up being busy with a couple family members passing away.  It was time to tend to family matters and of course eat with the ones who flew in for funeral preparations.

The beginning of October was the beginning of our Cruise stage.  For the 4 days of Attack we did in September, life was calm...we breezed through it with no problem and lost the three pounds the Dukan chart said we would.  We planned our meals out carefully, did not cheat and exercised daily.  That's where we actually didn't follow the diet.  Instead of sticking to the 20 minutes of walking per day during Attack, we went ahead and did 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. Our bodies need that extra exercise to lose the weight.  The first couple of Cruise days went just fine, then tragedy struck our family.  We had every intention of sticking to the diet, but could only handle some.  Our eating habits were in line with the diet for the first half of October although we ended up eating a lot of poke and already made items.  Exercise however went out the door.

Once the out of town family started arriving, so did the family style dinners.   Still, we tried to make the best food choices available, but still no exercise.  Looking back at our daily food and exercise chart, looks like we only exercised 2 days in October...oooops.  After the last family member left the island, we were amazed we only gained a pound, but weren't surprised our weight loss had stopped.

It took a few days of being back on the diet and exercise plan to finally start losing a half a pound here and a half a pound there.  We're happy to report a we are sort of back on track.  Next week according to our Dukan chart, we should be moving on to Consolidation but we are still a few pounds away from meeting our next goal.  Last year around this time we were moving into Consolidation for the first time and again, we were a couple pounds shy of our many others, once we moved into Consolidation, we continued to lose weight.  We're planning on soi ng the same, moving on the Consolidation even though we haven't quite met our goal.  We may even try adding two days of PP here and there.

We did start cooking again this past week and hope to post recipes soon.  They were simple was a cold style Shabu Shabu and the other a nabe recipe.  Both made with lots of veggies and homemade broth.

Hope everyone is doing great on the Dukan diet!

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