Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catching Up On Our Crock Pot Meals

Last weekend turned out to be a busy weekend, not to mention how humid and voggy it was.  Our schedule didn't allow for any crock pot meals...or any homecooked meals!

Tonight we're trying some Pork Chops and Sauerkraut.  Will post that recipe soon.  It smells wonderful.

A side note - last weekend we ate at a couple of great restaurants.  After our spur of the moment sunset bike ride on the North Shore Bike Path near Haleiwa we stopped at Cholo's in the North Shore Market Place.  It was packed!  We ate at the bar which was just fine.  The service is great.  Free chips and salsa (they make their own) and shared a fish burrito which was also great.

On Sunday we went out for a late Valentine's dinner at Hiroshi's.  Another great place.  It's located near Aloha Tower in the Restaurant Row.  Everything we had was fabulous.  The specialize is Eurasian Tapas. We tried two tapas dishes, the hamachi sushi and the misoyaki butterfish.  Both were delicious.  We shared the snapper meal which was good, but the male part of this couple got the half with all the bones :-(

We are looking forward to more homecooking in our crock pot!

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