Monday, November 28, 2011

Consolidation and our friends

A couple of our friends have shown interest in the Dukan Diet after seeing the female half of this couple lose around 15 pounds...and keeping it off!  One of them even read up on the diet and asked for some of our recipes.  In the end, all three friends decided the diet was way to restrictive for them.

One couple ended up cutting out rice (they only ate brown rice to begin with) and shed a couple of pounds.  They are also adding two days of low impact exercise to their weekly routine.  The other two friends we're still trying to motivate more so because we'd like our friends to be mindful of their fat intake and remain healthy.

Now that we've been in Consolidation for a few weeks and have managed to shed a couple of pounds, we're gently trying to get our friends to start in the Consolidation Phase since they've all agreed they can't make it through Attack and Cruise.  Their weightloss wouldn't be as drastic, but Consolidation does promote healthier eating, eating fatty/sugary foods in moderation and a healthier lifestyle.

With the holidays here, we may need to put our Consolidation pitch on the side and work on them in January.  It'll be a tough month for us too.  The next two weeks we have 4 holiday gatherings planned.  Most of our gatherings are what we call "pupu pau hana" gatherings or "after work happy hour" gatherings.  Most of the restaurants here serve deep fried, fatty appetizers during happy hour - the cheaper foods.   Some of the Dukan bloggers we are following are lucky enough to have some friends who also Dukan, but for us, during these gatherings we are the only two Dukan-ing which makes it harder to order healthier foods...the kind everyone else wouldn't eat!

Here are some of the foods we've been eating during Consolidation:
  • Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins - once or twice a week (we can eat this daily, but we really don't miss bread anymore)
  • Van's Wheat-Free Gluten-Free Waffles and French Toast Sticks with sugar free maple syrup - once a week
  • Non-fat yogurt with oat bran - daily
  • Boiled eggs - once a week
  • Homemade omelets - once a week
  • Fat Free Turkey Hot Dogs - every other day
  • Think Thin Protein Bars, Chocolate Fudge - daily
  • Salads
  • Homemade Dukan meals
  • Poke - once a week
  • Pizza - celebration meal
  • Turkey Reuben - celebration meal
  • Pasta - celebration meal
  • Pumpkin Pie - celebration dessert
  • Moscato wine - celebration
  • Sushi - celebration
As mentioned in an earlier post, we're trying to be as good as we can during the holidays but plan on doing a few Pure Protein days and possibly go back to Cruise come January.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. How are you liking the Think Thin protein bars? I've heard good things about them, but unfortunately sugar alcohol doesn't sit well in my stomach... :P

    The protein bars that I usually eat are from Quest -- no sugar alcohols, and they taste great. :)

  2. I love them, but the dark chocolate ones are way too sweet. Chocolate Fudge is my favorite. The white chocolate is ok, but I believe higher in fat content.

    I will have to try those Quest protein bars. They look great, but a little more expensive than the Think Thin bars. Which ones have you tried?

  3. I've tried the chocolate brownie (delicious), vanilla almond (very good), peanut butter (pretty good), peanut butter & jelly (pretty good), mixed berry (just okay -- I didn't like the chunks of dried fruit in it, but other people might), and apple (my least favorite -- as above, I didn't like the chunks of dried fruit in it).

    The Quest bars are especially good after being microwaved for about 10 seconds...mmmmm....

  4. Thank you! The chocolate one is the one we are leaning towards. Good to know about the apple pie one, we prefer not having dried fruit. We were considering that one only because it's lower in fat.

  5. Oh and the microwave tip, thank you! That's a great idea!