Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hot Hula - similar to Zumba

Not sure if all of you have heard of Hot Hula, but it was on our local news the other morning.  A local Hawaii woman created a polynesian version of Zumba!   The clip we saw on the news looked like mostly slower Tahitian dance moves (as a former Tahitian dancer, the female half of this couple agrees Tahitian dancing is really a workout).  According to the founder, she incorporates both Tahitian and Hula dance moves in her routines.  Gee, why didn't we think of that?!    Come to think of it, when the female half of this couple did dance Tahitian, she was in way better shape!

The male half of this couple probably won't take up Hot Hula any time soon, but the female half of this couple is going to dig out her old Tahitian routines from college and add this to her exercise list.  Here are some you tube videos of Hot Hula:

Not sure if the female half of this couple can bring herself to dancing Tahitian moves to hip hop music (as fun as it sounds), she is a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Polynesian dances!

If you're interested in trying Hot Hula, I highly recommend following along with the you tube posts before you invest in a DVD of routines to decide if it's for you.  You don't have to become an advanced dancer.  The female half of this couple has taught slower Tahitian numbers to students in Japan and it still gets your heart rate going and makes you sweat...a lot.

If you have any questions about Tahitian dancing (we're not experts, but have learned several routines over the past 20 years), please feel free to email us at  We also don't mind helping you get started via a Skype lesson or two.


  1. Sounds like a fun exercise routine! I'm in China working right now and Zumba just isn't available... Thanks for the YouTube links. Also, I've had a look around, you have some amazing recipes, I see several that I'm going to give a try!
    Trying to figure out how to follow you via email and I'll add you to my blog roll :)

  2. Oh, there are quite a few zumba routines I use to exercise with on you tube when I don't have access to my Wii. Great, hope you get to try some of the recipes. We love reading your blog too. We signed up via email, but we should add you to our favorites. Hmm, I thought I had a "Subscribe by email" section, but I will have to look again! Here are the two zumba you tube links I've been using.

    This one really makes me sweat.