Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back on Track?

Along the hike to Kaena Point
Oh gosh, time just flew by and we haven't had time to blog!  Been busy, mostly good kind of busy with hiking, family and friends in town, etc.  We still have family in town and more friends coming to town this weekend, so probably not a whole lot of blogging and cooking for us until after their visit.

Hawaiian Monk Seal sunbathing at Kaena Point
We didn't cook at all this weekend since the male half of this couple went in for dental surgery and is still recovering.  Although we've gotten in two nice hikes in the last two weekends, we haven't gotten back into the Zumba routines...yet.

We have been able to maintain our weight, but not lose any weight.  Our eating habits have been in line with the Consolidation Phase and for the female half of this couple, she is still trying to stay away from carbs as much as possible, even whole wheat carbs.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone's blogs and cooking again.  We have a bunch of recipes we want to try and while the male half of this couple under went surgery, the female half of this couple finally stepped foot into the largest Korean martket in Honolulu, Palama Market.  Wow, amazing.  Bought a few items, not necessary Dukan, but ingredients for some of our favorite dishes which we'll make for our Celebration Meals.

We do have a Filipino Bistek recipe (steak marinated in a citrus sauce - we used lemon) to share.  It ended up being a great Cruise recipe.  As soon as we get the photos downloaded and edited, we'll post the recipe.  Very, very easy!

Sunset - from the Kaena Hike Trail
For those who may be planning a trip to Oahu, the Kaena Point hike is a great way to get in some exercise and amazing views.  There are two trails leading to Kaena Point, one from the South Western side of the point near Waianae and Yokohama Bay (popular surf spot) and one from the North Western side of the island near the popular surf town, Haleiwa.   Both trails are approximately 2.4 miles one way and it took us about an hour to hike one way (with stops to take photos).   At the point there is a reserve with birds (albatross) and the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals.  The day we hiked out there we saw two monk seals sun bathing.

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