Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Free Pasta at Safeway!

We've been meaning to blog about Safeway's website for a while, especially the day we saved $19 on groceries and the cashier did a double take when the new total popped up.  If there's a Safeway near you, you may want to consider signing up on the website.

Today we noticed they are offering one free box of Eating Right Pasta.  Most of the Eating Right Pasta we've seen in our local Safeway has been Multi-Grain.  If you're into eating multi-grain pasta, go to Safeway's coupon center and it should be there on the first page of coupon's.  You load the coupon onto your Safeway Club card and the discount applied at the checkout stand.  No need to clip coupons or anything.  We've gotten some pretty good deals through the Safeway website...often times 99 cents for a dozen eggs.  Lucerne non-fat yogurt for 45 cents each, etc.

When we log in, the site says the one free box of pasta offer is good until February 22nd.

The other two features we like on the website are the "Deal Match" and "Personalized Deals".  Deal Match matches prices on some sale items at other local grocery stores.  Personalized Deals, while it's not that great knowing your buying tendencies are being tracked, this is where we find the 45 cents yogurt and 99 cents for the eggs, etc.

If you don't have a Safeway in your area, hopefully a local market near you offers something similar to help you save money while eating healthy!  We signed up for the deals/coupons after we went on the Dukan Diet and saw our grocery bill almost double.  Eating healthy is expensive and eating less carbs/more proteins even more expensive...but with some time spent on Safeway's site twice a week, we've been able to save between $5 - $19 each time we shop.

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