Friday, March 16, 2012

A Great Way to Get In Some Exercise

For the past few months we've been trying to get out more, hiking, exploring...even during our vacations. It's a great way to get some exercise and see some amazing sights.   We always take our cameras is actually what brought us together :-)

We believe a lot of you are already following Flamidwyfe's blog, but just in case you aren't, Flamidwyfe also does a lot of hiking and day trips and check our her blog post on Taoguang Temple near West Lake in Hangzou!  Awesome photos :-)  Photos are a great way to see the world through someone else's eyes.  We often comment on getting our nephews inexpensive digital cameras, encouraging them to take photos (as in give them photo assignments) and cataloging's always fun to see what they end up photographing.

Here are some of Flamidwyfe's photos (you can see all of her photos here)...sharing them because we love them, one of us is part Chinese and has never been to the "mother land" this is a great way of seeing part of China!

Zumba is fun and great exercise...but exploring with a camera in hand is priceless!

All photos featured in this post are all copyright Flamidwyfe and cannot be sold or reproduced without the written consent of the photographer.


  1. It was a fun day! I love exploring China the history is so amazingly rich! I'll be here until Oct. 1 if you want to come for a visit... my flat door is always open to visitors and there's nothing but Dukan friendly food in the cupboards, LOL.

  2. It sure is! Awesome! I don't think China is in our travel plans for this year, but if a cheap fare pops up, we will definitely be in touch! Same here, if you're ever in Hawaii...well, we have a tiny place, but we are looking out for an affordable/larger place so we can have guests...until then, we can take you sightseeing and have you over for a Dukan dinner if you don't mind sitting on the floor!