Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pure Protein Weekends

Well, the weekend of Pure Protein days (4 days - we included Friday and this past Monday was a Hawaiian holiday) was a success.  The female half is wavering between 3-4 pounds loss and the male half is feeling better about the eating.

The week we had our uncle over, wow, we were bad.  We had lots of treats and it seemed like every meal was a Celebration meal...not good for our weight.  He only visits once a year, so there are quite a few family gatherings.

The Pure Protein weekend felt good....we were feeling a bit sluggish from all the bad eating although every bite was delicious!  We love eating great tasting meals like the Grilled Garlic Dijon Herb Salmon we had this weekend which filled us up but didn't put us into "Kanak Attack"mode.

This week we'll be doing more of a modified Cruise Phase week....mostly Pure Protein and Protein/Veggie days and if we have time to meal plan for this weekend, we may do a 3 day Pure Protein weekend!  Pure Protein or Attack Phases really only work for us when we meal plan.  Last summer, we tried to start the diet with no meal planning for the Attack Phase and after a day and a half, we failed.  The second time we tried it, we planned our Attack Phase meals and made it through...we had cravings, but at least we knew what we were going to eat.

We are still working on trying to lose the vacation weight, but are still maintaining the after vacation weight (meaning no real weight gain).  That's where we are at...still happy we tried the Dukan Diet and are happy we are choosing to cook lower fat meals.  We must admit though, we've been slowly increasing the fat and sugar intake which doesn't really work when you aren't getting your daily exercise in.

Our Dukan reboot includes the above meal adjustments, plus we are trying harder to work Zumba back into our weekly routine.  The hikes are great, but once or twice a week really isn't enough.

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