Monday, April 2, 2012

Hawaiian Dukan Lu'au Foods

Note:  This is a scheduled post.

We love poke which is basically fresh fish cubed seasoned with salt, sesame oil and seaweed.  There are many recipes out there for poke.  When the female half was a little girl, poke was made mostly out of ahi (tuna) or aku (tuna also) with the above ingredients and maybe some green onions or onion slices and a little bit of chili pepper.  Now, you can get not only ahi or aku poke, but tofu poke, imitation crab poke, cucumber poke, tako (octopus) poke, swordfish poke, and more.  You can make it as fancy or simple as you like.  We generally have poke at least once a week.   Poke is something you find in most supermarkets and at almost every lu'au here in Hawaii.
Salmon Poke

For a nice addition to a salad, dice up some fresh raw fish of your choice, toss with a little bit of salt and sesame oil (you don't need a lot) and serve over salad with a light fat free dressing.  If you want to make your poke a little fancier, add sliced onions, fresh seaweed (or furikake if you don't have fresh seaweed), wasabi, tobiko or masago (both fish eggs).

We don't care for the shoyu (soy sauce) poke sold here, stores tend to use older fish for shoyu poke and it often times is too salty for us.  Here are some poke recipes (most of them probably don't need as much sesame oil as they mention and if they aren't Dukan'd already, they are easily Dukan'd):

Shoyu Poke
Aku Poke
Classic Ahi Poke

Lomi Salmon (or Lomi Lomi Salmon)
One of our favorites is the salmon poke at Safeway.  We prefer it without the shoyu based sauce they offer.  This really just has fresh salmon cut into cubes, lightly seasoned with Hawaiian salt and sesame oil.  Add in some slice onions (mildest you have), crushed red pepper flakes and green onions).  Refrigerate for at least half an hour before serving (see photo).    Make is as spicy as you like and with as many onions as you like.

Lomi Salmon is another item you will always find at a lu'au in Hawaii.  It's a very simple recipe...we don't have it often since the male half doesn't care for raw onions or tomatoes.  The female half decided to have some with her lunch (see photo below).  Here is a recipe for lomi salmon.  Lomi Salmon is definitely Dukan friendly.


  1. OH MY that Lomi Salmon recipe is awesome!!! Saving that to my files :)
    Thanks for the link!!
    I have some salmon in my freezer, I may make the salmon poke on the weekend!
    And lastly, you need to share with me how you get such awesome photos!! LOL

    1. Great! Let us know how it comes out using frozen salmon. We've never tried it like that, but we've had previously frozen ahi poke on many occasions...not as great tasting as fresh ahi, but half the price and if there's enough seasoning, it's not a problem hee hee

      Oh, the pics...easy! It's all in the camera! Our Sony DSLR has a "hand-held twilight" feature which takes 6 shots in a burst - at 6 different exposures then combines them to make a professional looking photo without having to use the flash. Our next investment will be a prime realllly makes a difference. Most of the newer cameras come with a similar feature nowadays, Canon's Powershot (point and shoot) comes with it too...theirs is called High Dynamic Range or HDR. Sony has both the HDR and "Hand-Held Twilight". Depending on which brand you prefer, we're sure it has a similar feature! Hope this helps!