Thursday, April 5, 2012

DukanItOut Recipe Contest Submission

Japanese Pork Roll Ups
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We entered the DukanItOut Appetizer Recipe Contest...check it out!   Our recipe is super simple, which is the way we like to cook since we're always on the go.  Check out some of the other recipes submitted, wow, they all look great...we'll definitely have to try some of them, especially the hot wings recipe!  The competition is definitely tough and it's great to see a lot of people Dukan'ing recipes and eating healthier.

We entered our Japanese Pork Roll-Ups recipe.  This recipe was one of our go to recipes during Attack (with just pork and konyakku - almost the same stuff as the Shirataki noodles but no tofu in it) and Cruise (with and without veggies).  They are very easy to make and cook up quickly too.

A little about why we like Dukanitout's website.   We originally started the Dukan Diet in June of 2011 and failed miserably due to poor planning and underestimating how we would feel during Attack.  After the failure, we decided we really needed to meal plan, we searched for Dukan Recipes which were out there but not plentiful...then we came across and  Wow, these two ladies have amazing recipe sites.  They both have a clear understanding of the Dukan Rules, are creative and have great will power.   The sites not only gave us great recipes to follow, but helped inspire the Dukan-ing of our own recipes that we've loved over the years.

We have been fairly successful on the Dukan Diet (not as successful as Flamidwyfe - talk about will power, she is definitely a success story), but had it not been for the many bloggers blogging about their experience on the Dukan Diet and the two recipe sites mentioned above, we probably would have failed a second time!  We started our own recipe blog after reflecting on how difficult it was during our first start and how these recipe blogs (not to mention the numerous Dukan Blogs out there) helped jump start us into Dukan Success.

Today, we often talk about (with a smile) how this Diet and the recipe blog have really made our kitchen/meals interesting.  We probably haven't cooked the same meal twice since July 2011 and we still have tons of recipes we want to try/Dukan!


  1. Can't find a Vote button on the site. Sent a message about it. As soon as I figure it out I'll vote and Reblog on my blog! I LOVE your recipes :)

    1. Hmm, I will email Janice...I didn't even check it before I posted here heehee, it really doesn't give instructions on how to vote! My guess would be to leave a comment on her post?