Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time to Clean out the Freezer

Ugh!  The line to our ice maker seems to have sprung a leak.  Well, it's actually the landlady's VERY OLD refrigerator (over 20 years old) and she STILL buys the extended warranty for this thing.  It must be sucking up all of our electricity too.  Wish she would invest in a new one!

Anyway, Sunday night we noticed the leak...the male half noticed water dripping down into the garage (that is through her old wood floors).  Luckily it's not dripping down into her downstairs unit where her family stays when they visit.  Since then we have shut the ice maker offer and are slowly cleaning out the freezer.   We'll be trying our best to plan our meals around what we have in our freezer....chicken thighs and fish we bought from our fish guy last weekend.  Not sure how many we can put together this weekend, but we're imagining at least 1-2 chicken dishes and perhaps a mahimahi and another swordfish or salmon recipe.

Speaking of fish, perhaps it'll be a fish weekend (although the male half prefers to mix things up versus eating just chicken or just fish for 3 days in row.  However, prior to our October vacation, the female half wanted to lose a few pounds before going on vacation and we went on a fish only diet (as in no chicken, beef or pork) for a couple weeks and it helped promote her weight loss!

It may be worth hearing the male half say "everything was good, but it would be nice to have some variety"!  With it being Easter though, we will be making a ham on Sunday...a friend is giving us her Crock Pot Ham recipe which we will try our best to Dukan!

Hope everyone has a nice Easter :-)

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