Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breakfast in the crock pot

We tried two recipes from Stephanie O'Dea's blog, reducing the recipes to only feed the two of us...we didn't care for either since both were either over or undercooked. We're not sure if these recipes just come out better making a big batch or if we didn't adjust the cooking time enough. In any case, waking up to your breakfast ready in the crock pot sounds wonderful.

The two recipes we tried are Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole and French Toast Bake Recipe. We made some adjustments to the Hash Brown Casserole since we stay away from sausage (used left over chicken) and left out the bell pepper since we didn't have any. Made half the recipe, cut the cook time in half and the casserole was dry and hard. We're not giving up on this recipe...we may try it again in the future. We (well, the female half of this couple) was pretty excited about the French Toast Bake and had high hopes for it since the male half enjoys French Toast. The top two pieces came out decent, the underneath was hard and overcooked, the middle was spongy and wet. Tried Stephanie's suggestion on leaving the crock pot open (still cooking) for 30 minutes...didn't help our batch. Again, we reduced the recipe by half. This could be one of the reasons the recipe didn't come out well.

As mentioned, we're not ready to give up on breakfast in the crock pot recipes but last weekend we made French Toast on the stove!

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