Sunday, February 6, 2011

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We recently purchased a crock pot after being inspired by an article written by Betty Shimabukuro in the Star Advertiser on January 5, 2011...well ok, the female half of the couple was inspired :-) It's been a cold and wet winter in Hawaii and envisioning warm stew-like meals cooking in our kitchen sounded wonderful. We checked out Stephanie O'Dea's blog mentioned in Betty's article and saw how easy some of the recipes were...not to mention how healthy some of there were! FYI - we signed up for Stephanie O'Dea's blog and she's still posting recipes, but is doing it once a week instead of daily.

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After reading many articles on how to select a crock pot and many, many reviews, we settled on the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Crock Pot since most times we really only needed the 2 or 4 quart, but what about the times we wanted to have family or friends over for dinner...or of course as was the case today, we needed to cook up some chicken wings for a Super Bowl party? We made the purchase through Amazon only because we saw "free shipping". Usually "free shipping" on Amazon means free shipping to the Continental U.S....which means Hawaii and Alaska are excluded. We added the crock pot to our "cart" continued through the purchase steps and whaddya know? We got the crock pot on Amazon WITH FREE SHIPPING! Woo hoo!

The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Crock Pot arrived on time on our doorstep and we (well, the female half of this couple) was anxious to try the crock pot out. FYI - as mentioned in some of the reviews, the first time we used the crock pot, there was a "burning wire" smell, but it only happened the first time.

More on what our first recipe was, how it turned out and the other recipes we've tried since!

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