Monday, February 7, 2011

Our first crock pot meal - part 1 of 2

Before we get into our first crock pot meal...a note about this blog. The decision to blog came last night as the female half of this couple shared a bunch of recipes with her family. Therefore the first 8 recipes we are posting do not have photos. We will try out best to include at least a photo of the finished dish although the female half of this couple really likes Stephanie O'Dea's blog where she shows a pic of all the ingredients, the food in the crock pot just before it's cooked and the finished dish.

Now on with our first crock pot meal...the female half of this couple has been wanting to eat chili for a while now. The great thing about chili's like stew, it tastes better the next day...and in our case, it freezes well. We decided on Cincinnati soon as it was announced via text to the male part of this couple, the female part of this couple got a text back saying "go with Skyline". The male part of this couple doesn't get excited about is to sustain one's body in his opinion and he certain doesn't live for this and that when it comes to food. However, he does live for his mother's cooking hee hee. So, the female part of this couple was quite happy to get a response other than "whatever you want" out of the male part of this couple. Off she went searching for Skyline Cincinnati Recipes for the slow cooker.

Bottom line, we tried a recipe, but we fried the ground beef in a pan instead of boiling it. I thought the recipes that suggested boiling the beef were incorrect. Apparently it makes a big difference. The male part of this couple lived in Ohio for 5 years, so he's had Skyline Cincinnati Chili before. He would be the true taste tester.

See our next post for the actual recipe and results!

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