Friday, April 1, 2011

Dining Out: Genki Sushi

The other night we ran out to price some was getting pretty late, so we decided to grab something quick to eat before the restaurants closed and we would be left with only fast food choices.   Well, the choices near the hardware store were pretty limited and we had a coupon for Genki Sushi, a kaiten-zushi or conveyor belt sushi restaurant.  So, Genki Sushi it was!

If you've been to Japan like we both have, you know what good quality sushi tastes like.  Genki Sushi is an affordable way to satisfy your sushi cravings, but don't expect high quality here.  We've been to the Ala Moana, Ward and now the Waikele locations.  Each has it's pros and cons.  At each location we've had great and poor servers.  Great and poor quality sushi.  Our recommendation - order off the menu (versus taking sushi off the conveyor belt).  It's a cool concept, but if there aren't a lot of people eating, the fish looks like it's been sitting there for days.

The turnover of sushi at Waikele seemed pretty low.  We saw some not to attractive pieces of fish coming around.  However, everything we ordered off the menu was pretty good (even though our waiter messed up our order twice).   Our favorite item is the spicy ahi.  Actually, next to Waipuna Sushi in Manoa, Genki has one of the best spicy ahi mixes in our opinion.  We've been ordering the spicy ahi bowl instead of the sushi.

The female half of this couple loves the scallop and mayo, but that's a hit and miss.  There are times it's pretty good and there are times you wonder if it's real scallop!  The Ala Moana location still serves O-toro Salmon which is the fatty salmon when available.

For the price, Genki Sushi is a good deal....but if you're looking for higher quality sushi try Akasaka, Yohei or even Kahala Zippy's sushi bar.

As mentioned earlier, we were starving, it was almost 8:40PM and we needed to eat quickly before last no pics of the sushi this time!

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