Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dining Out: Yohei Sushi in Honolulu

If you're looking for a Japanese restaurant that's pretty close to being something you'd find in Japan, Yohei Sushi is a great choice.  Yohei's in the Kapalama/Kokea area along the canal across Honolulu Community College.  It's a small restaurant with a sushi bar.  The sushi bar is popular...their sushi is very good.

Sapporo Beer at Yohei Sushi
The other night we spent over an hour looking for items for a renovation at Home Depot and we were both famished.  After running through the restaurant choices in the area, the male half of this couple decided to treat me to some "fancy" sushi.  That's how the female half of this couple refers to high quality sushi made with top grade compared to the smaller fast foot type sushi places that use previously frozen fish.

This place is definitely not cheap, but you'll never have anything that doesn't taste fresh.  We decided to do sushi at a table since the sushi bar was full on a Wednesday night!  We were so hungry, we only took a picture of the beer!

We tried the hamachi kama (broiled and served with grated radish and ponzu sauce), negitoro maki, salmon nigiri, natto handroll, scallop/mayo nigiri and hamachi nigiri...everything was excellent. The female half of this couple's been to this restaurant many times and has had the sashimi/tempura teishoku and the zuke done (ahi and cucumber on rice) - both excellent dishes.

Once in a while, this place is a great treat!

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