Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dining Out: Mix Cafe in Honolulu

The male half of this couple doesn't like spending a lot of money on food unless it's really, really good and a good sized portion.  The other week the female half of this couple decided to grab sandwiches from Mix Cafe on Alakea Street in Downtown Honolulu since the male half has never been there.  Grabbed a chicken sandwich and a steak sandwich...both are REALLY good.  As the female half waited for the owner to heat up the sandwiches, the voice of the male half popped into her mind...she heard him telling her about the $8 sandwich he just had from a new place on South Street and how bad it was and very little food for that much money.  Oh no!  The sandwiches we were waiting for at Mix Cafe are between $7.50 and $8.50...yikes.  Well, it comes with a salad and the sandwich is big and did we mention it's delicious.

Normally, the male half doesn't get excited about food (except for his mother's home cooking), so when she asked "how was the sandwich?", she expected to hear "good" but heard "very good, where did you get it from!"  Wow, the female half almost fell out of her chair.

Today we had to run downtown again and guess what the male half wants to eat tonight...sandwiches from Mix Cafe :-)

So far, we haven't had anything bad from this place.  They have two locations, so if you don't want to bother with parking downtown, park in one of the nearby municipal lots near the Beretania Street location. You won't regret spending the $8 or so on a sandwich.

We've never been to the Beretania location, but we believe they have a larger menu there.  The Alakea location seems to only have sandwiches which are all laid out on the counter for you to choose from, desserts and drinks.  Google Mix Cafe in Honolulu and check out the photos from Yelpers.  Mmm!

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