Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dukan Diary - Where are we really at?

We're half way into January and we've made a few adjustments in our Dukan Diet.  Originally we wanted to go back to Attack (originally we had to do 4 days), then go through Cruise, etc.  That really only lasted two days (Re-Attack).  Then we convinced ourselves we could go back to Cruise, but wow, the female half of this couple just lacks the motivation to put us back into Cruise full time.  Instead, we're sort of mixing Cruise and Consolidation together.  

We still have one or two celebration meals per week, but are trying to avoid desserts.  We haven't added too many carbs back - just our celebration meal(s) and once a week whole wheat pasta or bread.  This past week the female half of this couple managed to have 3 PP days (not consecutive though) and will try to continue at least 2 PP days per week or more until she's reached her 20 pound goal.  Just a few more pounds to go! 

The male half of this couple still has to weigh himself, but as mentioned earlier, his weight is not the problem, it's his cholesterol.  

As for exercise, we both haven't gone back to regular weekly exercise schedules.  We've managed to get in a couple hikes since returning from vacation, our daily walks have gone to 2-3 times per week walks, no zumba, no tahitian dancing and for the male half, no volleyball yet.  We planned on hiking the Makapu'u Trail to look for whales on Sunday, but we were rained out.  Hoping to get that in soon...or at least before whale season ends.

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