Monday, January 9, 2012

Vacation Pig Out, Hiking and a Necessary PP Day

Vacation photo collage
Happy Belated New Year everyone!

We are back and rested from our New Years vacation - and boy did we need the rest.  It was great catching up with family, meeting new friends and exploring trails on the neighbor islands.  We live on Oahu and while Oahu has a lot to offer, each island has something (plant, animal and/or site) unique to that island.

Each day we intended to read Dukan blogs since we do enjoying reading about everyone's progress but after being out from 7AM until about 10PM each day, we were just too tired to turn the computer on.   The weeks before our trip it was very rainy and windy around the islands.  We planned out what we wanted to see during our vacation and of course a plan b in case we were rained out.  Luckily the weather changed and we had blue skies almost the entire time!

We braced ourselves for non-Dukan meals since we were meeting up with family, attending a New Year's Eve bonfire and knew we'd sometimes be in relatively remote places with little to no food choices.  There were also the necessary traditional New Years foods we wanted to consume like mochi.  We allowed ourselves one mochi each even though we both love mochi and it really was enough.  Also had to try one of my uncle's homemade cookies, fresh baked.  Being on the Dukan Diet has helped with cravings and food splurges.  We no longer consume a lot of sweets.  We treat ourselves to one or two pieces once in a while and we're satisfied.  We don't even feel the need to have a sweet or dessert with every celebration meal.

It wasn't an entire week of pigging out though.  We did make healthier choices when we could and we hiked approximately 2-4 hours each day over all kinds of terrain.  Sometimes hilly, gravel paths.  Sometimes over lava beds.  Sometimes up mountains (not too steep).  We expected to gain at least five pounds each, but the hiking must have helped, the female half of this couple gained about two pounds on vacation and the male half lost two pounds!

By the last two days of our vacation we were really wanting to eat healthier.  This past weekend we did a PP day and it was great.  Made some quick, but tasty meals and looking forward to more.  We are also making it a point to hike more on Oahu.  It's not that we don't like to hike, we just never set aside the time to hike.

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  1. The pictures in the collage are gorgeous! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday week! Hiking is wonderful... I'm planning a couple nice hikes for when I'm home in the States next week. I have a 20 day vacation... rented a place that has a kitchen so I have all the amenities I need right there at my fingertips!
    Congrats to the hubby for the weigh loss and congrats to you for having gained so little! Well done to both of you!