Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flamidwyfe's Dukan Curry Stir Fry

Flamidwyfe's Curry Stir Fry
(NOTE: This is a scheduled post.)

We loved this recipe.

Quick, easy, light, tasty and less than 5 ingredients...what's there not to love about Flamidwyfe's curry stir fry recipe.  The male half of this couple enjoys curry (more than the female half of this couple)...we knew we had to try this recipe.  We intended to make it with edamame since the male half loves edamame, but we didn't have time to remove the edamame from the pods before dinner.

We went easy on the curry this time since the female half of this couple isn't really into curry, but after tasting this, we'll definitely try it with more curry powder and different versions like Flamidwyfe's tofu curry stir fry or with the mahimahi our fish guy gave us.

Wait, let us tell you again, this is a super easy but very tasty dish.  The female half of this couple was so pleased with how little time it took to make a healthy, tasty dish the male half of this couple would like, she was ready to make different variations of this recipe the entire weekend!

Serves 2 (he ate his with rice, if he ate this without rice, this would not be enough for us)
Prep Time: 10 minutes or so
Cook Time: Less than 10 minutes

1 package chicken tenderloins (from Costco, approx 3/4 lb?  will check next time we go to Costco)
1 stalk celery, cleaned and sliced approx. 1/8" thick, we usually slice ours at an angle
1/2 red onion, sliced (we slice thin for the male half of this couple)
1/2 t. curry powder (Indian), next time we'll use 1 t.
salt and pepper to taste
splash of olive oil

Rinse and pat dry chicken.  We like to slice our tenderloins into thinner slices at an angle.  It'll cook faster and dry out less.  In a wok over high heat, add a small splash of olive oil and chicken.  Add salt and pepper, then 1/4 t. curry powder (or 1/2 t. if you wish).  Stir fry until chicken is about 70% cooked. Add celery and onions.  Stir fry for a few seconds.  Add the remaining curry powder and stir fry until chicken is just done.  Serve immediately.

Enjoy...we sure did!


  1. Your picture looks beautiful. Glad you enjoyed the recipe and thanks for the shout out! :)

    1. Thank you about the pics and again for the easy recipe! You're welcome and we're happy to make more of your recipes!