Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Testing Out a New Template and Dessert

UPDATE: After checking out the advantages and disadvantages of  the 'Dynamic Views' template, we've decided to use a simple blogger template.  Main reason, gadgets like "Follow By Email" and "Favorite Blogs" lists cannot be added to the 'Dynamic Views' template...yet.  Will keep checking for updates to the templates!

We're somewhat caught up with our recipe blogging (meaning we have some scheduled posts in the queue) and decided to spend some time playing around with our blogger settings.  We'll probably try out  the 'Dynamic Views' template Blogger offers which means our blog could have a new look some time between today and this weekend.  In a nutshell, you'll get to scroll through our entire blog (no more 'Older posts' links' and you'll have seven choices on how to view our blog.  Sounds pretty neat.  If this template is too cumbersome for readers, please let us know!

Yesterday we posted that we've been trying to avoid desserts...then last night our visitors from the mainland invited us out for drinks at their hotel in Waikiki.  We hardly go to Waikiki (expensive parking, lots of traffic, tourist prices - same as most tourist areas in the world), but when we do, the drink the female half of this couple always got before Dukan was a virgin lava flow.  For those of you who have never had a lava flow, it's basically a glass drizzled with strawberry glaze and filled with pina colada.  Yikes...sugar and coconut.  We just had to have one last night!  It's been over a year since we've had a lava flow and although it was good, it was a bit too sweet.  It was a nice treat though!  Luckily we had a no carb lunch and a Dukan meal for dinner, so it wasn't too bad of a celebration :-)

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