Friday, July 22, 2011

Dukan Japanese Pork Roll Ups

HE SAID: Very good!
SHE SAID: I could eat these every day!

This is a photo of our students pork roll ups, we
don't have a pic of ours yet but ours uses thinner slices or
pork and no carrots or mayo dip
One of our students made these pork roll ups sauteed in a typical Japanese sauce...shoyu (soy sauce), sake and sugar for a potluck they hosted.  You can use mirin too.  You roll up veggies in thin slices of lean pork tenderloin.  After we started the Dukan Diet, we Dukan'd the recipe!  It's very tasty and is a great dinner or snack.  We serve it with more sauteed veggies and silk tofu.

Asparagus, celery, baby bok choy, choi sum and a lot of other veggies can be rolled up in the pork slices.  We use the shabu shabu cut pork tenderloin.  The cuts at Marukai market are very thin, very lean and when on sale, very reasonable.  One tray (just under 1/2 pound) usually has around 16 slices.

If you're in the Attack Phase or want to have these on your Pure Protein day, just roll the pork up and saute them, they are still great this way!

Serves 2
Prep Time: 10-15 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes (if you have a small pan, less if you have a larger pan)

1 tray shabu shabu pork tenderloin (if you don't have shabu shabu meat at your market, ask the butcher to cut the meat paper thin)
2-3 T. low sodium shoyu
1 T. water
4 T. white wine
Veggies - thinly sliced (as much as you want to put in the roll ups, we would recommend not more than 2 items and cutting them thinner than carrot sticks to cook quickly)

Place veggie(s) on a slice of meat, at the end nearest to you.  Roll tightly.  Pour liquid ingredients in pan. Turn stove on to medium high heat.  Once pan is hot, start cooking roll ups.  Put your roll ups in the pan with the flap end down.  Once it starts to cook, it'll stick together and not unravel.

The thin pork slices cook quickly but be sure to cook them thoroughly.  The glaze formed in the pan is the best part!

For those not on the Dukan Diet, these are great on a bed of hot Japanese rice!


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