Monday, December 17, 2012

A New Direction

As mentioned in a previous post, we finally had a chance to research the Paleo diet a bit after reading about it on Flamidwyfe's blog.  The diet really does make sense.  Like Dukan, we don't really see it as a diet, but really changing the way we eat -- for the rest of our lives.

Last week the male half of this couple and I discussed Paleo over lunch.  I sent him this link because I found it informative and amusing.  I knew the male half already believed in more natural, less processed products (at one time we looked into grass fed beef and free range chicken -- but they are expensive here in Hawaii).  I was surprised he was ok with the idea of slowly phasing out most grains from our diet...we're hoping to eventually phase it out completely with a few cheats here and there.  Well, I should say, he's ok with phasing out rice and potatoes but hasn't committed to phasing out beer and pasta just yet.

I won't bore you with all the details of our conversation -- the bottom line is, we'll cook what we have the grains in our kitchen including the 1/2 c. of soy sauce we have left, from today forward (or maybe I should say after the holidays) we will try to purchase grocery items that fall under both Dukan and Paleo.

We are still hashing out the details of how committed we will be to Paleo -- but we are looking to better eating all the way around.  In our house, we're calling it the "Caveman Diet" and had quite a bit of fun at a holiday party this weekend reminding each other that "you can't have that, cavemen didn't eat that".

We do have a couple recipes to post from this past weekend (mostly Dukan and hardly Paleo) stay tuned!  Once the holidays are over, we are planning to try some Paleo recipes that can be consumed during Dukan's Consolidation Phase.

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