Monday, December 3, 2012

Product Review: Nasoya Fettucini Noodles

It's been a while since we've used tofu shirataki noodles.  The male half of this couple didn't mind eating it when we first started the diet, but I recently asked him about it and he said he prefers not to eat them.

As mentioned in a previous post, being Asian, we grew up eating Shirataki Japanese dishes, not in pasta.  Never even considered using it in a pasta dish nor did we realize it's low cal, etc.  Since it was colder here in the islands, decided to try No Recipe's Spaghetti Meat Sauce Recipe (with a few changes) this weekend.    Recipe will be posted after I doctor up the photos.

Over the past month we've noticed a second brand of shirataki noodles at our local market...Nasoya's Fettucini noodles.  Decided to give it a try with the spaghetti sauce (of course I make whole wheat spaghetti noodles for the male half).

Here's how we prepared it...

Rinsed the noodles, then boiled in salted water for a few minutes.

We definitely like the taste better.  It's still got sort of a crunch to it, just like regular shirataki noodles do, but we are almost positive it doesn't have any other taste to it which is nice.  (I made the male half of this couple try one noodles to give me his rating).

We're definitely buying this brand instead!

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