Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Back and Forth

The male half of this couple and I are still going back and forth on how Paleo we're going to live.  It's mind boggling all the information out there and there are different takes on the Paleo - Caveman Diet.  Some say don't eat this, while others say you can eat it in moderation, etc etc.  Today I found a blog which said you can have beer and wine in moderation...I'm not showing that to the male half.  I would prefer he believe he has to give up beer except for once in a while cheat days ha ha!

We'll need to make some decision on what we're giving up, what we'll consume in moderation, and how much we'll want to spend on organic products.  In general, we would like to eat more veggies,  phase out wheat/grains, phase out as many processed products as we can afford to but we've already looked into grass fed beef and free range chicken and know that will be a once in a while thing.

We have a couple recipes scheduled to post this week, but this weekend other than a cheat meal for the male half's birthday, we probably won't have time to cook...it's our holiday baking weekend...we'll be baking from Friday night -- all day, all night!

We'll try to remember to take photos of our Candied Pecans made with Xylitol.  We were eating these (in small amounts) during Consolidation.

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