Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Brunch

Oh boy, Sunday Brunch was great!  We went in with the mindset that it would be a Celebration meal, but if the female half of this couple didn't have dessert and asparagus, it could have been a PP day!   There were actually enough great tasting low fat choices on the buffet line to keep it Dukan.
Very fresh sashimi (raw fish)

The brunch was at the Halekulani Hotel - $57 per person, a bit pricey since they no longer include champagne nor did they have any shrimp cocktail.  The quality however is excellent.   To get our money's worth (and to eat just enough and not stuff ourselves), we decided to plate up some of the more expensive items like the sashimi or raw fish which was very good, poke, and salmon.  Threw on a few veggies then saw the Eggs and Crab Benedict and decided we needed to split one!  Wow, it was so good!  The 1/4 English muffin (from the eggs benedict) was actually the only carb we ate that day!

Desserts available
There was a roasted pig and prime rib available.  We decided to avoid those items - too fatty.

There were popoever muffins, banana muffins, cheeses, breads, strawberry butter, etc. available but we didn't crave it one bit.  There was also an omelet station which we decided to forego (since the line was always so long).

Ice cream/sorbet bar
No, we didn't eat all the desserts on this plate!  The dessert spread sat on an 8' table, all mini desserts, very beautiful.  There was also an ice cream/sorbet bar (the lilikoi or passion fruit sorbet was our choice).

We didn't think we ate that much, but the sugar in the sorbet must have made us get what local people call "kanak attack".  It was a nice holiday treat for us and nice to spend time with some friends.  No more buffets for us unless they are at a wedding.

Just out of curiosity, the female half of this couple weighed herself as soon as we got him and weighed about a pound more than before we went to brunch.  (The female half of this couple can get a little carried away with the weigh ins).  It's been two days since the brunch and no weight gained!

The photos featured here came from a friend who also went to the Halekulani Brunch but at a different time (we forgot our camera!)

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  1. That brunch looks amazing! I love sashimi & poke... :)