Friday, December 2, 2011

Following Us By Email

Wow, we just realized (thanks to Flamidwyfe) we didn't have an "Follow By Email" feature on our blog! Yikes!  We love this feature on all our other favorite blogs.  Sorry we didn't have one on there, but now we do!

On another note, today is our office building's holiday luncheon but since we are going to Sunday Brunch  and have dinner with friends from Florida soon after that, we're saving our celebration meals for then.  We're not sure what's being served today, but if it's typical local Hawaii food, there probably are a lot of carbs, fried and sugar loaded foods.  Yikes!

We're still undecided on what to do about Sunday Brunch...some days we (meaning the female half of this couple) wants to just eat proteins and veggies at brunch, then other days we decide maybe it'll be a celebration meal and we'll have a dessert and champagne.   This will be the second buffet we're going to since we started the Dukan diet (the other was a family wedding, but there were so many food choices we were able to put together a plate of raw fish, green salad, meats and roasted veggies.

Will try to post photos from the Sunday Brunch, it's been voted the best in Honolulu!

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  1. So glad you got the "follow us" by email up! I'm signed up now... YAY!
    Where's the Sunday brunch pics??? I think brunches can be a fun challenge on Dukan!