Monday, December 19, 2011

Under the weather

The flu bag attacked again!  The flu and the stomach flu have been making it's rounds in both our offices as well as many other offices in Hawaii.  We spent the last week or so having mostly soups and comfort foods.  Plus we've been trying to keep up with the holiday gift making/sending.   Whew!

We've been trying to eat healthy here and there, but this coming week will be another non-cooking week. We've got two birthday dinners and family coming over from neighbor islands for the holidays...yay!  We can't believe Christmas is less than a week away.  Is everyone ready?!  

Last night we finally had enough energy to cook dinner and it was great.  We made a healthier version of bibimbap, a Korean dish usually made with rice, seasoned veggies and meat.  We made ours with quinoa, ground turkey and seasoned veggies.  We'll post the recipe soon!    The seasoned veggies are referred to as banchan.  Very simple to make.  Will post a bean sprout banchan recipe too.  It calls for sesame oil, but we just used a tiny splash and it was enough to flavor the bean sprouts. 

We're looking forward to catching up with everyone's Dukan blogs!  Being on Consolidation has been working out great for us.  The male half of this couple is feeling healthy and the female half of this couple is almost back to her pre-vacation weight!  It has been tough with tons of cookies, cakes, and other sweets being delivered to our offices and given to us by family members.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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