Friday, January 11, 2013

Dukan Rotisserie Chicken and Basil Rolls

Rotisserie Chicken and Basil Rolls

The male half of this couple loved these!

Once a week the male half walks over to a little Vietnamese restaurant in Honolulu and picks up some tuna rolls...they are like Vietnamese Shrimp Rolls but with canned tuna instead of shrimp (he's allergic to shellfish).  Unlike the shrimp rolls, the tuna rolls are usually served with a fish sauce instead of peanut sauce.

Before deciding to phase out grains, we bought a 6 pack of these brown rice wrappers (see our post).  We had some leftover Rotisserie chicken and I knew I had to present it differently or the male half would give me that look....the "I need variety" look.  Put these down in front of him and got no complaints!

Spinning dried wrapper in water -- we recommend you use two hands
Place chicken and basil in the center of the wrapper.
Fold left and right sides in, snug, but be careful not to pull too tight
Pull bottom edge over chicken, tuck gently under and start rolling.
I usually use two hands to ensure an even roll, but I was taking photos
at the same time.

Serves 1
Prep Time: less than 10 minutes
Roll Time: less than 10 minutes
Sauce: took a couple minutes to prepare

1/4 of the sauce recipe from our Vietnamese Patties -- this was too much for the male half of this couple, he doesn't like to use a lot of sauce for anything he eats

a heaping cup of shredded rotisserie chicken (nuked ours in the microwave until it was nice and hot)
2-3 basil leaves, sliced thinly
2 Happy Pho Brown Rice Spring Roll Wrappers
1 plate or shallow bowl of warm water
flat, clean surface to lay your wrappers on

If we had bean sprouts, the male half would have liked these even better.  You can add a lot of different veggies or meats in your rolls.

Prepare your sauce and set aside.  Using two hands (the photos show me holding the wrapper with one hand because I was trying to take photos at the same time...should've used the timer), dip part of the wrapper into the warm water and spin the wrapper a few times.  Before your wrapper becomes too soft, lay it on a flat, clean, dry surface.  Place your chicken and basil in the middle of the wrapper, not too close to the edges.  Fold the left and right ends over the chicken mixture carefully.   Pull the bottom edge up and over the chicken mixture, we usually do a slight tuck (gently) under the chicken mixture and roll carefully, you don't want to rip your wrapper.  Like sushi, roll firmly but gently.  You want everything snug in your wrapper.  Too firm will rip your wrapper and too gently will result in a very loose roll.

Serve as is or cut into pieces with the fish sauce.  Try to wrap your rolls close to the time you are going to eat them...leaving them in the refrigerator will eventually make the wrappers hard and not very nice tasting.

Enjoy...the male half did!

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