Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dukan Update

Hope everyone's doing well with their weight loss and healthy eating!  We've been sticking to our healthy eating but I've plateaued....but I've also skipped exercising this past week.  This weekend it's back to exercising and the male half of this couple and I have decided to have an "exercise together" night each week.  We're still trying to figure out what we'll be doing -- we're looking for something free of course and something he won't become bored with.  

This weekend there will also be not a lot of cooking in our house.  The male half had his second to his last dental surgical procedure done -- so he can't really eat much.  He's requested a non-Dukan and non-Paleo dish -- rice, since it's easy to mash in his mouth.  I'm sure by next weekend we'll be able to make regular dishes.  

This plateau has put a bump in my Dukan road.  We're supposed to go into the Consolidation Phase next week -- late last year our plan was to transition to a Dukan/Paleo lifestyle once I got to my weight goal, but since I am not there yet, we'll be on Dukan for a little longer.   I was so looking forward to adding my Candied Pecans made with Xylitol to my diet!

This time around I'm not feeling discouraged by a plateau or not reaching my goal...I know adding back aerobic exercise will get me there!  We're hoping to get in a hike sometime this weekend -- will post photos if we do!

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