Sunday, January 6, 2013

Product Review: Happy Pho's Vietnamese Brown Rice Wrappers

These brown rice wrappers were pretty good.  Not as soft as the regular white ones...kinda chewy even after wetting them twice.  Definitely a healthier alternative to the regular white ones.

Side note: we purchased a pack of 6 of these on before we decided to phase out grains...we'll probably use them once in a while, maybe give away a couple packs and hold the rest in the refrigerator for Paleo cheat days or Dukan Consolidation Days (not a cheat...well, depends on what you put in your wrap).
Wetting brown rice wrapper

We've worked with the regular Vietnamese white rice wrappers or bánh tráng in the past, it can be tricky to work with but once you've made a few, it's pretty easy.  With the white rice wrappers, you can usually hold with both hands and roll the egde in the water, almost like a pinwheel once or twice and it'll be wet enough.  With these brown rice wrappers, I ended up "rolling" the wrappers 2-3 times in order to soften them enough.  One of our Vietnamese friends taught us how to use these wrappers while at a Vietnamese restaurant.  

After a little practice you'll find the right amount of firmness and gentleness required to handle these delicate wrappers.  

We have one recipe to post -- made a couple rolls using some leftover rotisserie chicken we had for the male half of this couple.  Like sushi, you don't have to use only traditional ingredients in these wrappers.  Be careful not to use items that are too wet or your wrapper will end up ripping.  You can make a Korean wrap using korean banchan or prepared vegetable dishes, soba noodles if you're not on the Paleo diet, etc.  I've been thinking about making some poke rolls for the male half of this couple soon too. 


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