Saturday, January 19, 2013

Product Review: XyloSweet by Xlear

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We use Xylitol and Truvia in our kitchen -- we actually prefer Xylitol.  It looks like refined sugar, it has worked well for us in baked and cooked items.  When we were first introduced to Xylitol, we bought the Now brand.  We liked the results -- but it's pricey, especially when baking.  Using a teaspoon here and there for some of our Japanese stewed dishes isn't too bad, but when you start using cups at a time, that $11 - 2 lb. bag goes fast!

This past Christmas we made Candied Pecans.  We used the last of our Now brand Xylitol for our sample batches with nice results -- they ended up looking like Glazed Pecans.  Knowing we had to produce a lot of pecan batches, we decided to try the Xlear XyloSweet Xylitol to save some money.  It's Xylitol in pure form and we've used the Xlear Nose Spray.  This was a mistake.  Well, let me say first, using this XyloSweet in things like our Chicken Hekka seemed to work just fine -- you really don't use much.  However, when baking our Candied Pecans, the XyloSweet batch starts to burn within the first 15 minutes and when the glaze dried it looked like our glazed pecans but 5 weeks old!  The batches made with the Now brand turned out perfect.  We were able to bake the pecans the full hour, no burning and the glaze was beautiful -- even after a few days.

So, for that reason, we do not recommend this brand.  Spend the extra money for another brand like Now.

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