Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dukan and Paleo Update

I will be on a business trip soon and have lots to prep for the trip.  Cooking in our household will be on hold until I return.

While we haven't committed 100% to Paleo, we are still following the Dukan Diet but still haven't been able to lose weight.  I'll probably need to go back to Attack when I return from my business trip to jump start the weight loss.  We're keeping away from carbs and still eating a very low fat diet.  In addition, we are back to exercising 5-6 times each week (cardio and muscle toning).  We've definitely gained a little bit of muscle, but argh!   Luckily though, no weight gain.  Whew!

Guess June will be a reboot for us!

We're still trying to find recipes that would fall under both the Dukan Diet and the Paleo Diet and have found several great tasting recipes.

Hope to be cooking again by mid June!

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