Saturday, May 11, 2013

Paleo's Whole 30 Rules

Although Whole 30 isn't exactly like Dukan's Attack Phase, the concept is similar.  I've started to collect recipes that qualify as Whole 30 recipes and eventually when I have time I want to go through all my recipes to see which ones qualify as Whole 30 recipes or can easily be changed to fit.  Take a peek at your existing recipes, you'd be surprised how many are already (or close to it) Whole 30 or even Dukan recipes.

This post is what we refer to when reminding ourselves what's not allowed during Whole 30.   It's a great, simple list that's easy to understand.


  1. I so want to do the Whole 30. Once my granddaughter goes home after school is over at the end of this month, I think I will commit to doing it.

    1. Great! We'll check in on your blog for updates. We are still not committed to doing Whole 30 but I keep sneaking in Whole 30 meals here and there!