Saturday, April 27, 2013

Article Page - Dairy Intolerance

Even before we heard of the Paleo Diet the male half has been telling me too much cheese is no good.  He never went into detail on the why....he just said "can cause constipation"...and I never asked him why he was so against it since I love dairy products.

Some Paleo folks cut out dairy, some reduce their dairy, some will only use raw products, etc.  I haven't seen and haven't really looked for raw milk, etc here in Hawaii and I'm not sure I love dairy enough to pay the extra cost for it we're choosing to cut out as much dairy as we can.  The results -- as long as we're not having a voggy day I seem to experience less post nasal drip which is great!

I'll have to keep tabs on what the male half is eating when we're not together (i.e. - at work, on business trips, etc.) because his sinus problems are still there...then again, we've had a week of bad I'll check on his sinuses again once we get the vog out of our system.

This is an interesting and informative article about dairy intolerance.   We hope to post more articles on dairy intolerance soon.  A month or so ago the male half and I had a conversation about what was making his sinuses clog up.  We ran down what he ate that evening and decided it had to be the ice cream he snuck in since that was the only thing he ate that he doesn't normally eat.  This led to a search on "does dairy effect sinuses"...I found a great article which I cannot seem to find again...but I'll keep looking!

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