Monday, April 8, 2013

Blog Name Change and an Update

Hope everyone had a nice and Dukan successful weekend.

This morning we were fiddling with out blogger template, trying to change things up a bit and decided to rename our blog (the URL will remain the same for now).  Decided to simplify our blog name to "Dukan-ing in Hawaii".

Our recipes can be used in many different locations around the world but for the most part, we usually change recipes because we're using what's available in Hawaii and what's not going send us to the 'poor house'.  Every place has its perks and challenges when it comes to ingredient availability -- for Hawaii it's being a state that imports a lot of its goods and our humid weather.  Don't get us wrong, we rather run around in flip flops and shorts pretty much every weekend of the year versus dealing with snow and temperatures below zero!

So, the big hula competition is over....we enjoyed over 18 hours of live hula coverage!  It was a long hula day yesterday but we managed to bake a Paleo Banana Bread for the male half of this couple.  That recipe will be posted in a week or so.  Dukan'ers can enjoy this recipe during Consolidation and Stabilization...and it doesn't have any grains or add sweeteners!

This coming weekend will be a cooking weekend.....hope to have more recipes up throughout April.   We're keeping up our 30 minute cardio workouts almost daily.  We haven't done a Pure Protein day in forever -- will have to plan one this week.  Speaking of food, the weather has been unusually cold in Hawaii for this time of year (with the exception of yesterday).  We've been dipping down into the low sixties, upper 50's...which I know doesn't seem bad compared to other places, but it's just something we're not used to nor are we prepared with a lot of warm clothes.  I looked back to what we ate in February and March -- mostly Nabe (Japanese hot pots).  It was a way for us to eat healthy, simple and warm!