Monday, April 29, 2013

Paleo Pizza Crust - Tapioca Flour (Can be eaten during Dukan Consolidation)

The other weekend we made the male half of this couple a Paleo-ish pizza.  It came from this blog and the blogger doesn't want others to repost, so we'll let you take a peek if you would like to.

We have mixed feelings about the crust, BUT we're pretty sure we did something wrong.  We're going to try the recipe again and will post the of our mistakes, we didn't measure everything out and we were trying to do other things unrelated to the kitchen at the same time.  Our oil started to boil, but we probably should've let it boil longer and because we didn't have our Tapioca Flour pre-measured, the oil did cool making the dough difficult to mix.

I tried a small piece of this pizza which turned out VERY CRISPY.  It was like a cracker.  I happened to like the taste and would probably double the amount of Italian Seasoning and garlic in the dough.  The male half thought it was pretty good, but he didn't care for his dough being this crispy.  The second day he heated the last slice up in the microwave oven with a damp paper towel over it and it softened a bit.

For the Dukaners out there who would like to try this recipe, please wait until's fairly oily and has the tapioca flour which we avoided until Consolidation.

Here are some photos of the pizza.  It was nice to know his dinner was pretty much grain free.


Pizza Crust (aka Pizza Cracker)

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  1. I know that distracted cooking can sometimes lead to interesting results. I hope your second attempt works better :) Thanks for sharing my recipe!