Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dukan Diary Entry #9

It's been a crazy week or so for both of us...we haven't had time to post new recipes lately.  Good news is the female half of this couple is down almost 12 pounds.  Her original goal was 20 pounds, but still considering stopping at 15 pounds...but then again, maybe will stick to the 20 pound goal.  The male half of this couple is feeling good, no alerts from the doctor about high cholesterol.  Bad news is our Cruise phase was supposed to end last week but since we haven't met our goal (well the female's goal) we are sticking to Cruise.

We noticed the simple eating as compared to eating with lots of sauces and cheeses (even though they are non or low fat) really sped up the weight loss.  The female half started some toning exercises so she's noticed some weight gain, but the clothes are still getting looser.

We have an upcoming trip to Vancouver planned so we've been busy researching what we might want to do, etc.  We hope to be in Consolidation by then or should we say, we are setting that as a goal, to be on Consolidation by the beginning of October.  It's an ambitious goal seeing as how our weight hasn't melted off like many of the other Dukan'ers but we're going to try!

We'll probably be making more fish dishes in the next couple of weeks and eating fat-free turkey hot dogs.

If anyone has any Vancouver or Vancouver Island travel tips they would like to share, please do!


  1. It's been a long time since I've been to Vancouver, but the one thing I remember is being really impressed with Stanley Park -- it was huge, clean, and fun to just walk along the paths...

  2. Well done for 12 pounds - its a big chunk of weight. (when we went to vancouver a few years ago and I was a whopping 17.7stone!!) we got a tandem bike round Stanley park and had a lovely evening walking round and having a meal in Gastown. its a great city and SO clean compared to a UK city. there were alot of beggars though after about 5pm. We spent most of our time on vancouver island hough as alex has an uncle in Victoria, the island is a amazing and such varied landscapes from one side to the other.

  3. Thanks, Vicki and Little Miss Contrary! I want to get a tandem bike for Stanley Park! Actually, Little Miss Contrary, any info you'd like to share about Victoria and Vancouver Island would be great, we are thinking about spending the night there. We want to at least see Cathedral Grove.