Friday, July 15, 2011

A Change In Our Eating Habits

It's been a while, but it's been a hectic couple of months! First of all, a family emergency meant not as much time to cook. Then life just got busy. During all of that we decided to follow some of the Dukan Diet ways...less fat, healthier eating, exercise, etc. We haven't been as successful as others (according to their online diaries), however, we still have some weight loss and feel much healthier.

We've tried several recipes from other Dukan diaries...most have been great. We've changed some of them because we either can't find all the ingredients here, the ingredients are too expensive or just adjusted them to fit our tastes.

We are currently in the second week of the Cruise Phase. The Attack Phase where you intake pure proteins only was difficult, but we planned our meals and snacks which made eating healthy easier. As others mentioned, eating pure proteins all day can get quite expensive, yes, you do get constipated and yes, we got sick of eating chicken and beef! Now that we're in the Cruise Phase, the digestive system is back to normal and we're enjoying a wider variety of foods.

We do miss fruits, but that will come later. It is quite a challenge when eating out. We only ate out once during the Attack Phase and were lucky enough to be at a Japanese restaurant - ordered a sashimi platter and grilled hamachi kama. During the Cruise Phase we've had to entertain guests, etc...which made it a lot more difficult while eating out but we managed to not gain back too much weight.

Since starting the Dukan Diet, the female half of this couple has tracked her weight and she's lost approximately 4 pounds. The goal is 20 pounds. The Attack Phase for us lasted 4 days. The Cruise Phase will end at the beginning of September. We've missed some exercise due to entertaining guests, etc...but for the most part have kept up the Zumba workouts to at least 5 days per week or more. Oh, also, although the female half has only lost 4 pounds, she must have lost fat because her jeans are now baggy, the love handles are shrinking and the tummy is flattening a bit.

We will share some of our favorite Dukan recipes soon! We haven't tried to make any of our Dukan recipes in the crock pot, but we do want to!

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