Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Dukan Diary

Since June of this year we've read several online Dukan Diaries.  Very helpful as far as diet information, recipe ideas and the ups and downs these dieters had.  We read one online diary and felt really bad for the woman since she kept giving up after a couple of days.  We must admit, the Attack Phase is a challenge, especially when you can't cook every night.  The Cruise Phase is also a challenge for the first week or two, but after you get into the swing of things, it's really great!

We are currently on day 31 of our Dukan Diet.  So far we've lost 5 pounds on Dukan...just past our Attack Phase goal and not quite where we'd like to be.  However, we've both definitely lost body fat which is great!  Our body fat is now in the average range...well, the upper end of the average spread.  Eventually we would like to be either at the lower end of average or the upper end of athletic which falls just under average.

As far as weight goes, the female half of this couple set out to lose 20 pounds on Dukan which would bring her to the bottom of the height/weight chart average for her height and weight.  If we can only make it 15 pounds loss and keep it off with a lower body fat percentage, we will be happy.

We are looking forward to our celebration meals which will come mid-September (we're supposed to be on Cruise for 69 days).  If we are not near the 15 pound goal and lower body fat, we will continue Cruise and possible throw in an Attack Phase.

Why haven't we lost more weight?  There have been a few "cheats" when we've eaten out where there weren't any low fat choices.  It's amazing how many restaurants in Hawaii have 90% fatty foods on their menus!  Also, when cooking, we probably aren't being careful enough as far as choosing ingredients.  We try our hardest, but our fat free selection isn't that great in Hawaii and we're watching our spending too.

Will post another update on our weight loss and body fat percentage progress!

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