Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slow Weight Loss

We've been tracking our weight loss...well, the female half of this couple needs to lose weight and body fat, but the male half of this couple really just needed to eat healthy to avoid borderline high cholesterol.  The numbers have been going down REALLY slowly, as a matter of fact, the female half is behind in her goals....however, the clothes are getting baggy, the tummy and lovehandles are shrinking.  The male half of this couple is even thinner than he was before!

The male half of this couple really needs to move on to Consolidation or Stabilization since he didn't need to lose weight and we're sure he is.

So, bottom line is, even if the numbers don't show it, the body and clothes show positive improvements!  We feel great...exercising more (at least 30 minutes of zumba a day) and eating healthier.  It's so nice to eat and not feel sleepy and heavy after the meal!

That's our update for now!

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