Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dukan-ing and we didn't even know it!

This morning we went through some of our favorite recipes...wow, we ate a lot of creamy and fatty things! Then I browsed the crock pot recipes we've tried since the beginning of the year and quite a few of them were either Dukan type recipes or pretty close and easily Dukan-able.

Will definitely be working on Dukan-ing more crock pot recipes since we miss our crock pot meals.  Well, the female half of this couple misses the "throw everything in the pot and it's done in 6 hours" thing!

Last night we made some mini veggie quiches - low fat and they tasted great!  We used reduce fat shredded cheese, but found a recipe using non fat cottage cheese, so we'll be trying that soon too.

Will post our mini quiche recipe soon!

Just a couple pounds loss for us this week, but the clothes feeling a bit baggy is nice!

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