Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dukan Diet and Dining Out

We started the Dukan Diet the beginning of July 2011.  It seemed like a good time, no major holidays like Christmas to tempt us, etc.  We did have a couple dining out evenings.  The first one came during our last days of attack...we only had 4 days of attack, but pure proteins four days in a row does take its toll on the body.  We already completed 3 days of attack and didn't want to start again, so we suggested a Japanese restaurant to our friends and shared a sashimi (raw fish) platter and a broiled hamachi kama (the collar part of the hamachi).  It was a delicious but expensive pure protein meal and not the most filling.  Of course, right next door to the restaurant was a frozen yogurt of our favorites.  We managed to not indulge and made it through our attack phase without any cheating.

The Cruise Phase is a much easier phase to dine out in.  Many restaurants now give you the option of just meat and veggies instead of meat, veggies and a starch.  The challenge is to coordinate enough Pure Protein and Protein Veggie days.  So far this has not been a difficult challenge, it's when the outing is a last minute thing or you're dining out too often.  We've avoided desserts, since once we start, we can't stop.  We did have a small piece of tart (really small) at a dinner buffet with friends...but other than that, we've been good.

This weekend we have a birthday party to go to and it's a local style party which means there will be gravy, macaroni salad loaded with mayonnaise, fatty meats, rice, sushi and desserts galore.  Yikes!  We may need to bulk up on whatever green salad they have and the least fattiest meats, which will probably still be fatty.  It'll be interesting.  

We've read other Dukan diaries where people just let loose and eat a celebration meal even though they are still in Cruise...but not sure we want to do that since we've been doing fairly well on the diet.  It's a challenge, but very doable to dine out even at a local gathering on the Dukan Diet.

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