Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dukan and a Local Style Birthday Party

This weekend we actually gained a pound.  Last week's weight loss went up to 3 pounds!  However, last night we went to a local birthday party and most of the attendees are big eaters who aren't watching their fat intake.

The birthday buffet consisted of white rice, potato salad with a lot of mayonnaise, chow mein noodles, teriyaki chicken, teriyaki spare ribs (very fatty) and Maui hot dogs....yikes.  We avoided the first three dishes, ate a lot of teri chicken, ate around the fat of the ribs and had a hot dog so we wouldn't starve the rest of the evening.

Also had a couple spoonfuls of mint chocolate chip ice cream, one of our favorites and poor, it turned into one pound gained today.  Yikes!  No more cheating!  Today we were good, Dukan meals all the way, salad with our lunch, had our 2 T. of oat bran and Zumba'd for 45 minutes.

Wow, what some fatty meat, sugary teri sauce and a couple of spoons of ice cream can do to you!

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