Monday, August 1, 2011

Dukan Diary Entry #3

Virgin Li Hing Margarita and Beer
Oh boy, we were discussing our weekend with co-workers "around the watercooler" and remembered we had a couple of drinks on Friday while waiting for some friends.  Since the male half of this couple isn't really on the Dukan, he's just going along and eating healthy because he wants to, he doesn't need to stick to the Dukan rules as strictly as the female half does.

The female half considered having just water and a lemon, but decided to splurge and have a virgin Li Hing Mui Margarita.  It was soooo good.  The virgin margarita was made with a small amount of li hing powder in place of salt on the rim of your glass.  They also put a small amount of li hing powder in the margarita.

So, there's another reason for our weight gain....drinks on Friday!

Being good and Dukan-ing full time on Sunday paid off, we lost a pound and looking forward to being good and hopefully losing at least a pound or two this week!

Altogether the female half of this couple has lost a little over 5 pounds since starting Dukan (we are half way through our Cruise Phase, we'll be on Cruise for a total of 69 days).  The male half has lost 2 pounds which is good for him.  He didn't have a lot of body fat to lost, but since his family (like mine) has a history of heart and cholesterol problems, he wanted to lose body fat.

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