Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dukan Chocolate Cups

HE SAID: Same as her rating.
SHE SAID: Didn't really care for these, needs some tweaking.

Chocolate cups
Chocolate is one of our favorite things.  We really missed it the first couple of weeks on Dukan, but now, the cravings have gone away....until we came across's Chocolate Praline recipe.  Wow, it sounded really good....not "can't wait to try them good", but a nice thing to add to our snack collection.

This recipe sounded perfect since we both prefer our chocolate plain, without nuts and gooey stuff.  We turned these into Chocolate Cups since we have an ice maker and do not own ice cube trays!  The muffin pan was the smallest "mold" we had.

This really was an easy recipe.  Just didn't really tickle our fancy.  First of all, we're dark chocolate lovers, not milk chocolate lovers.  Again, the recipe was so easy, Dukan'd and chocolate...we couldn't resist trying it.  We used Xylitol for the candy which of course since you're mixing ingredients without anything warm to melt the Xylitol, it doesn't dissolve.  It gave it sort of a "crunchy" texture which was interesting.  The recipe was too sweet for us.  Also, the candy never really completely hardens even after refrigerating, so it melts fairly quickly and we ended up licking it off the muffin liners.  Perhaps we did something wrong!  However, it did inspire us to look for some dark chocolate candy recipes and hopefully this weekend we will have time to experiment.

We followed the recipe almost exactly as found on with the exception of using silk soy milk instead of regular skimmed milk and no egg yolk.

Makes 5 chocolate cups
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Chill Time: several hours

1 T. unsweetened cacao powder
2 T. silk soy milk (plus a little extra if your mix is dry)
7 T. nonfat powdered milk
3 T. natural sweetener (try less if you prefer less sweet, and maybe a liquid sweetener)
8 drops vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Add only enough milk to mix easily.  Pour into your desired mold (ice cube tray, muffin pan, etc).  Refrigerate for several hours.

If you like these, you can even add other flavorings.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I prefer dark chocolate as well (though I wouldn't turn away a piece of Dukan-friendly milk chocolate if it were offered to me...especially now!), and would love to know if you find a good dark chocolate candy recipe -- please keep us posted!

  2. Will do! We're thinking we should try heating this mixture to melt the xylitol.