Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exercise Game Review

 EA Active More Workouts Game
The Dukan Diet says during Cruise and for the rest of our lives we need to walk 30 minutes per day.  The female half of this couple has been doing Zumba workouts on our game console pretty much every day (to work off more fat).  She missed a few days here and there due to either getting home too late or not feeling well.  The workouts range anywhere from 30-45 minutes (lately it's been 30 minutes) and wow, it makes you sweat.

Recently we purchased the EA Active More Workouts game (since there was a used copy available at Game Stop) for the game console...to have a different workout available.  After putting together a custom cardio workout, we definitely think Zumba is better (and fun too).  We seem to have gotten a better workout, well we start working up a sweat sooner and end up dripping in sweat by the end of the workout.

EA Active More Workouts, while it does have some sprinting and jogging exercises, seems to be lower impact.  However, it is a nice change.  We're thinking about doing 10 minutes of EA Active to warm up, them moving on to do 20+ minutes of Zumba.

In any case, for those who do not want to dish out money for a gym membership, have a game console and enjoy the convenience of working out when YOU want to, game console exercise games can provide a great workout.  


  1. Is it the Zumba game you use or the DVDs? I have the DVDs and love them but my sister has the Wii zumba game and says its good, I quite fancy the Kinect Zumba game.

  2. The Zumba Wii...I love it, but I would love the Kinect one since I don't think the Wii controller really captures all the body movements a person makes. I almost bought the DVDs...still contemplating, just to have more workouts to choose from. Are the workouts the same on the DVD and the games?

  3. I think so from the demo I tried on the Kinect. But I think on the games the people are just outlines or shadows aren't they? I does help to see them properly on the dvds but they do cost alot. the best is the cardio party, that's the one I enjoy the most so it might be worth just trying to get that one? it has lots of different rhythms and styles and doesn't FEEL like hard work but you do end up dripping within 10 mins.

  4. Yes, it really is pretty much a person filled in with color, can't see details, it did take some time to get used to. I agree, I think I would have caught on faster if I could see them! Great..thanks for the suggestion! I've looked on ebay several times but didn't want to get the entire set.