Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dukan Diary Entry #6

Our diet has been coming along slow, but steady.  Last week no weight loss, but this week, so far it's fluctuating between one and two pounds.  Not getting too excited about it since we did have some fresh grilled asparagus on Sunday night and it may just be water loss.

We're leaving on a trip soon and although we are staying with family, it'll be a busy time and we may not have time to prepare oat bran muffins and low fat meals.  Will have to be like the other Dukan Bloggers and try to make the best choices (although they are limited) while eating out or with family members.  We'll have to go back to oat bran in yogurt for a while.

Again, the male half of this couple only needs to watch his fat intake to keep his cholesterol, so we're not keeping close track of his weight unless he starts loosing too much.  The female half has lost 9.88 pounds (including the asparagus water weight loss).  Almost half way to her goal of 20 pounds, but 5-8 more pounds would probably work too!

The Dukan Diet is great...it does take a lot of planning since most restaurants and takeout places don't have a wide variety of low fat options and you end up cooking your own meals all the time but it does train a person to make healthier food choices and become aware of how much fat you're really consuming on a daily basis...not to mention sweets.  So far, we are pleased with the results and we're healthier.

One of our friends asked about the diet and we encouraged her to try it since she's gained about 30-40 pounds in two years.

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  1. Yes, I totally agree -- being on this diet really opened my eyes about the kinds of foods I used to eat, and how I would often reach for something sweet to eat without even realizing what I was doing...